Welcome to AliMade :)

AliMade a mission to help people thrive through delicious and healing foods. I healed a host of health maladies (severe stomach pain & nausea, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, anemia, hypoglycemia, & others) through food: removing inflammatory foods & adding healing ones. It was a long, difficult journey that resulted in not only feeling better than I EVER have, but also in the gift of compassion & ability to help others.

AliMade was born of my desire to encourage others to take an active role in their health & use God’s medicine (real food) to heal & thrive! What began as an instagram account to promote healing food became a passion to provide it, selling healing foods to help busy people with that first step. AliMade’s pilot food is bone broth, which is so nutrient-dense that doctors call it “nature’s multivitamin” that can help with inflammation, gut healing (aiding nutrient absorption, allergies, mood etc), joints, skin, energy, & more!

Sift through my site for recipe and motivational videos, information on how you can fuel your body for optimal performance, and products you can buy to make healthy eating easier! I’m always whipping up more yummies to enjoy, so follow me on instagram and facebook for up-to-date products and videos! AliMade foods are inexpensive, locally-sourced, nutrient-dense, & DELICIOUS!