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Squiggy Pancakes

2-ingredient pancakes, or as I call them, Squiggy Cakes, because I frequently whip them up for my 2-year-old, who devours them. These are so easy that I often make a batch to take with us (in baggies) when we travel, and so naturally sweetened that I just prefer to eat […]

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Chicken & Veggie Soup

I’m all about easy, healthy, inexpensive weeknight dinners that can be next day lunches as well, and since fall is coming… it’s crockpot soup time! Ok, who am I kidding – anytime is crockpot soup time! The key to the healthfulness and yumminess of this soup is in the bone […]


Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

This 3-ingredient recipe is the easiest, yummiest, most pizza-est healthy pizza crust I’ve EVER made (and, trust me, I’ve made a LOT of pizza crusts, y’all)! Wednesday night is Pizza Night in our house, and for the longest time I sadly ate my lame, soggy cauliflower crust, or had to […]