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Spaghetti Squash in a Crock Pot

I looooove spaghetti, but 1: Regular spaghetti noodles do bad things to the body, 2: Gluten-free noodles do bad things to my taste buds, 3: The prep and clean-up can be SUCH a mess. This one-pot recipe solves all those problems! Spaghetti Squash will blow your mind if you’ve never […]


Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

This 3-ingredient recipe is the easiest, yummiest, most pizza-est healthy pizza crust I’ve EVER made (and, trust me, I’ve made a LOT of pizza crusts, y’all)! Wednesday night is Pizza Night in our house, and for the longest time I sadly ate my lame, soggy cauliflower crust, or had to […]


Roast Chicken (in the crock pot)!

This has become one of my favorite weeknight meals because it’s easy, inexpensive, beautiful, nutritious, and delicious. Easy: the crockpot does most of the work, and since it keeps the bird moist, it’s almost impossible to overcook it! Plus, the potatoes are cooked with the bird, all in one pot! […]