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Squiggy Pancakes

2-ingredient pancakes, or as I call them, Squiggy Cakes, because I frequently whip them up for my 2-year-old, who devours them. These are so easy that I often make a batch to take with us (in baggies) when we travel, and so naturally sweetened that I just prefer to eat […]

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Chicken & Veggie Soup

I’m all about easy, healthy, inexpensive weeknight dinners that can be next day lunches as well, and since fall is coming… it’s crockpot soup time! Ok, who am I kidding – anytime is crockpot soup time! The key to the healthfulness and yumminess of this soup is in the bone […]


Kombucha, part 2

After your kombucha has been fermenting for at least a week (and up to a month depending on your scoby’s strength), you can test the taste and pH every few days till it’s the perfect middle of sweet-and-tang, and a pH between 2.8-3.2. When she’s ready, then you can flavor […]


Kombucha, part 1

What exactly is this latest health craze that you see expanding in refrigerated sections of grocery stores; on tap at health food stores, coffee shops, and bars; and on household countertops? Kombucha is a centuries-old drink made of fermented sweet tea that contains gut-healthy bacteria and yeast that can help […]


Coconut “Milk”

So you’re going dairy-free and you’re wondering through the non-milk-“milk” aisle at the grocery store, and you make the mistake of reading the long, unpronounceable ingredient list of “milks”, and you start googling things like carrageenan and wondering what “natural flavors” actually means, and you just curl into the fetal […]


Roasted Okra

Roasting veggies is my favorite because it brings out such great flavors, and okra is adds some shock-and-awe because most of us have only had it fried in mass-produced, sad-battered chunks. 😞 But not anymore! Drizzle olive oil on clean, dry whole okra (found at farmers markets or even most […]


Plantain Chips in the Microwave

Plantain Chips! You have GOT to try this microwave chip maker from Bed Bath & Beyond! Avoid the oil, artificial ingredients of the junk chips, and save a ton of $ over the “healthy chips” by making your own! In addition to plantain, I’ve also made chips from banana, potato, […]


Fermented Salsa

**note: I tried a wide-angle lens and it totally jacked up the audio. But I still wanted to get this to you, so I had to lamely voice-over this whole thing. Sorry! ** Salsa is one the tastiest ways to eat lots of veggies (that most of us don’t normally […]


Spaghetti Squash in a Crock Pot

I looooove spaghetti, but 1: Regular spaghetti noodles do bad things to the body, 2: Gluten-free noodles do bad things to my taste buds, 3: The prep and clean-up can be SUCH a mess. This one-pot recipe solves all those problems! Spaghetti Squash will blow your mind if you’ve never […]