Meet Ali :)

Hi! I’m Ali, and my passion is to help people thrive through healing foods. I grew up in a Guthrie, Oklahoma, played golf for Oklahoma State University where I majored in English, met my husband Chris while working a Fellowship of Christian Athletes summer camp, got married and taught 8th, 9th, and 10th grade English while he earned his doctorate in Kansas City and started our sports chiropractic clinic (Tensegrity Chiropractic) in Tulsa.

Soon after getting married, I started experiencing a host of health maladies, but after having two shoulder surgeries back-to-back, my health took a serious turn for the worse. Constant abdominal pain and nausea (which I now know was caused by a leaky gut) consumed my life, I was chronically fatigued, I had amenorrhea, I had seasonal allergies, headaches, and nose bleeds, I had all kinds of “weird” autonomic nervous system and circulatory problems; furthermore, the dozens of doctors I saw couldn’t do anything for me except order all the exploratory procedures and try drug after drug. Not ONE suggested I look at my diet. I had to take my health into my own hands and become my own experiment. I started by removing inflammatory foods (aka, “The Deflame Diet”), and then removing other aggravating foods that I pin-pointed through journaling and using the Blood Type Diet, I added gut-healing foods like BONE BROTH, I retired from teaching to help my husband run the family business (not that running a business isn’t stressful, but at least I’m not grading dozens of essays every night, ha!), learned some extremely helpful stress-relieving techniques like LOIS Restorative Breathing, had my tongue-tie surgically revised, slept a loooooot more than I was used to… and gained my life back!

After suffering a miscarriage, we were given a precious baby girl, whom we call Squiggy (because in utero she constantly squirmed and wiggled around, and pretty much still does). We were then surprised with unplanned triplet boys! Healing foods, including bone broth and fermented foods like kombucha, have helped me not only get my brain and body back after baby, but they also have helped me feel better than I EVER have. Period.

The zeal I have for healing foods is because of how they saved me, and now they fuel me to thrive! I believe they can do that for you, too! I fully believe that God brought me through so many health maladies so that I can provide the balance of knowledge and compassion that we all need when we are struggling. That’s why beyond the products to help you get started healing, I offer videos of easy recipes, bits of my story, and lessons I’ve learned along the way: You are not alone in your struggle, and you can make it through, stronger than ever.

AliMade more than just products… AliMade Hope.