Kombucha, part 2

After your kombucha has been fermenting for at least a week (and up to a month depending on your scoby’s strength), you can test the taste and pH every few days till it’s the perfect middle of sweet-and-tang, and a pH between 2.8-3.2. When she’s ready, then you can flavor and bottle (which is the favorite part for most).

1. With super clean hands, place the scobys (you should have at least 2) in a clean dish and set aside.

2. Set aside 1 C kombucha per gallon for the next batch’s “starter”.

3. Stir the booch.

4. Add fruit, herbs, spices, juice, whatever to your clean bottles (I reuse GT bottles). Shoot for 10% flavor, 90% booch.

5. Pour the booch into the bottles, and screw the cap on TIGHTLY.

***You can clean the container (with water only – no soap!) and add your next batch of sweet tea+scobys, per my Kombucha Pt 1 video. (Keep all the scobys together until they are 10% the height of the jar – I made the mistake of getting excited and spreading my scobys too thin. You’ll be sorry if you do that!!!)***

6. Keep the bottled booch at room temperature for 3-5 days (this is called F2, or the 2nd ferment).

7. Filter out the fruit and return the booch to the bottle, and store one more day at room temperature (to build back carbonation lost from opening).

8. Pop in the fridge, and drink chilled!

YAY! You da booth-master!

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