Kombucha, part 1

What exactly is this latest health craze that you see expanding in refrigerated sections of grocery stores; on tap at health food stores, coffee shops, and bars; and on household countertops?
Kombucha is a centuries-old drink made of fermented sweet tea that contains gut-healthy bacteria and yeast that can help your body balance its flora, which can better digestion, leading to optimal health overall. 💥
Kombucha is made by a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast) feeding on the sugar and tea, producing a somewhat sweet, but somewhat tart probiotic drink. It’s soooooo much cheaper (and fun!) to make your own kombucha. Rather than spending $3-5 per bottle at the store, making your own can cost as low as pennies per bottle! Seriously! You can make your own scoby with a bottle of plain (unflavored) kombucha and time (I’ll show how to do this in a future video), or you can purchase one – I purchased mine from @kombuchakamp and couldn’t have been happier with the quality and size of the scoby.
Because the tea needs to be about room temp before adding the SCOBY, I make concentrated tea by brewing 2-3 Tbsp black/green/white tea (I purchase Hannah’s Special Blend from @kombuchakamp ) in 4 C boiling water. After steeping about 10 min, stir in 1 C sugar. Then dilute it with 12 C cool water. When the tea is room temp, pour it into your gallon-sized glass container. Add 1 C “starter liquid” (kombucha that should come with your scoby), then place the scoby on the top! The scoby may sink, float, or turn sideways- each has a personality I suppose.
Cover the container with a cloth secured with a rubberband – the booch needs to breathe! Let it sit in room temp, open air, out of direct sunlight, untouched, to brew for at least 7-10 days, up to 30 days depending on the strength of your scoby. You’ll know it’s ready to bottle when the pH is 2.8-3.2 or when the taste is as you like it: a little sweet, a little bite. I’ll post a video soon how to bottle!
I’ll happily help you along if you’re ready to start your kombucha journey, but it may benefit you more to consult an expert like I did with @jaredsprobiotics and @kombuchakamp

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