Fermented Salsa

**note: I tried a wide-angle lens and it totally jacked up the audio. But I still wanted to get this to you, so I had to lamely voice-over this whole thing. Sorry! **

Salsa is one the tastiest ways to eat lots of veggies (that most of us don’t normally eat otherwise). To avoid the junk in store-bought brands and enjoy fresher and more local ingredients, make your own! Plus, fermenting allows the nutrients to become more bioavailable, and adds guthealthy probiotics, deeper flavor, and a fun fizz! For more benefits than I could ever articulate regarding fermentation, probiotics, and gut health, follow my fermenting mentor (or as I call him, my “fer-mentor”), Jared. His website www.jaredspropops.com is a huge source of all things digestion. His free downloadable list of 75 fermented recipes is where I found this gem!

Back to the salsa, if you don’t have a food processor (or just want an upper body workout) you can chop all these veggies. If you’re not into whey (or if Miss Muffet are all yours), at least 2Tbsp salt should do the trick to ferment. Salt is all I use to lacto-ferment, and it works out great for me! Make sure to tightly seal the jar, and let it sit at room temp for at least 3 days to ferment. Try this salsa atop eggs or pulled chicken, or of course with your favorite chips (Β my favorite grain-free obsession: @sietefoods chips) or any Mexican dish! I’ll never buy salsa again!!!Β πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ

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