Coconut “Milk”

So you’re going dairy-free and you’re wondering through the non-milk-“milk” aisle at the grocery store, and you make the mistake of reading the long, unpronounceable ingredient list of “milks”, and you start googling things like carrageenan and wondering what “natural flavors” actually means, and you just curl into the fetal position and cry… just me? Okay.

There’s an easy and cheaper solution! Grab some coconut shreds or slices in bulk and make your own! You can make this in just a few moments of active time including “60 seconds” in the blender. I use this coconut “milk” just as I would dairy milk, and it works great! Note: in the video, I say I give it to my baby, but she is actually almost two.. I would not recommend giving this or any other liquid to an infant under 6 months.

There’s nothing like the feeling of making something yourself, especially when it’s this clean, simple, and beautiful. Coconut “milk” does a body good. 🥛 Let me know how you love it! What kind(s) of “milk” do you like?

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