Chicken & Veggie Soup

I’m all about easy, healthy, inexpensive weeknight dinners that can be next day lunches as well, and since fall is coming… it’s crockpot soup time! Ok, who am I kidding – anytime is crockpot soup time! The key to the healthfulness and yumminess of this soup is in the bone broth that you need to make from yourself or buy from me! 🙂  If the broth is full of flavor, then there’s not much you need to do for this soup to be crave-worthy – seriously, my husband will tell you this meal is one of his favorites.

Another great facet of this meal is its versatility: you can use almost any veggie you have around (though cooking times may vary for softer veggies), and cooking in the crockpot is super forgiving in that it won’t overlook soup – for the most part – if it’s on low, so you can throw everything in before work and come home to the smell and taste of comfort.

Sometimes simple really is best. 🍵 What simple yet yummy meals do you have in your rotation?

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