Why AliMade Bone Broth?

One of the influential foods in healing my gut (and therefore my whole body) was homemade bone broth. I went from having leaky gut, daily stomach pain and nausea, adrenal fatigue, recurrent injuries, and other problems, to feeling better than I EVER have, and drinking homemade bone broth daily was a big part of my body not just healing, but thriving! It is a well-known source of collagen, which helps heal the gut lining, aiding nutrient absorption from all the foods you eat and protecting your body from contaminants, allergies, and toxins. Its vast array of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins are easily digestible, unlike supplements, which is why it is called “nature’s multivitamin.”

Holistic doctors recommend drinking a cup of bone broth each day because its nutrients can repair the gut, reduce inflammation, overcome food intolerances and allergies, improve joint and muscle health, boost the immune system, tighten skin, assist detoxification, and stabilize metabolism. It’s basically the best thing you can do for your body!

The micronutrients are why I started drinking bone broth, but let’s talk about the macronutrients for a second: a cup of bone broth can have approximately 50 calories and 10 grams of protein! That’s a better ratio than most protein supplements or powders, and because of all the science-y stuff above, you’re more likely to absorb it all, too! So if you’re looking for a great source of protein for athletic recovery, for a meal replacement, or for that 4 o’clock “hangry hour” (ahem, that may or may not be when I drink my daily cup), bone broth is not just a guilt-free snack, but a nourishing choice of fuel your body craves.

The key to all these benefits is drinking real broth from healthy, pastured animals. Most store-bought brands are “broth-flavored” liquid or loaded with preservatives so they can be shelf-stable. AliMade Broth is completely free of preservatives or additives, made with pure love in small batches so you can feel amazing from the inside out!

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